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Prayer Book for Ernest Christians
Menno Simons Commerative Fraktur
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Gathering at the Hearth:
Stories Mennonites Tell

A collection of twenty-eight stories from Mennonite history, edited by John E. Sharp

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A sampling of stories

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Table of Contents (with more stories)

Prayer Book for Earnest Christians

A translation of Die ernsthafte Christenpflicht
Translated and edited by Leonard Gross

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 Menno Simons Commemorative Fraktur

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  Menno Simons Commerative Cards





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Motif taken from the Menno Simons Commemorative Fraktur (blank inside)

Envelopes included

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Heritage Celebrations
by Wilma McKee

A Guide to Celebrating the History of your Church

Book is sold out. The three-ring binder version sells for $ 5.00

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Heritage Preservation

by David A. Haury

A Resource Book for Congregations
$ 5.00

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Stories with Meaning
by Frank H. Epp

A Guide to Writing Congregational Histories

$ 5.00 - SOLD OUT


Shroud for a Journey video
by Sidney King, 2001


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Edward, Pilgrimage of a Mind
edited by Ida Yoder, 1985


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J.C., A Life Sketch
An autobiography of J.C. Wenger, 1993



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Dear Alice
edited by Ivan W. Brunk, 1978

The tribulations and adventures of J. E. Brunk, a Mennonite relief worker in Turkey, 1920-1921, as depicted in letters to his wife. $10.95

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Dirk Willems, Anabaptist Martyr, 1569. See Martyrs Mirror

Mission Statement:
"God calls us to preserve our faith heritage, to interpret our stories, and to proclaim God's work among us."

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