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Hist. Mss. 4-242
Tillie (Yoder) and Joe Nauraine
Photographs, Puerto Rico, 1952-57
1 File (Small Collection)

 Administrative  Information

             These photographs were deposited by Tillie (Yoder) Nauraine, Des Moines, Iowa, in 1981.

             Joe and Tillie (Yoder) Nauraine worked in a children’s home, called Hogar del Nino, in Puerto Rico under the Mennonite Board of Missions, Elkhart, Indiana, from October 1952 – Juuy 1957.  Many of these children were abandoned, and came from homes where the parents were too poor to care for them.  It was operated by private citizens in Rio Piedras, the University suburb of San Juan.  Eventually four cottage homes were also built on a farm near Rio Piedras.  Tillie earlier had worked at the missions office in Elkhart, 1951-52.

 For additional information see the personal papers of Tillie (Yoder) Nauraine (Hist. Mss. 1-318), which includes an autobiography, articles and poems.


 File 1 (Small Collection)

 Photographs identified by Tillie Nauraine in February 2003.  Many are 8”x10” in size, and take.  Some were published in the Gospel Herald.

 Photo #1                      Tillie Yoder cutting hair of one of the children

Photo #2                      Joe Nauraine (on left) with Senator Donna (Mrs.) Felez (spelling?) (center of photogra) (she was a board member of the children’s home), and a Salvation Army officer

Photo #3                      Senator Donna (Mrs.) Felez R. Gantz (spelling?) at podium.  A signed photograph, and taken by Latin American photo news service, by Nelson Guillen, Puerto Rico.  She was a board member of the children’s home.

 Photo #4                      The boys in the dining room at the table, including staff person Mabel Erb (on left)

Photo #5                      Mabel Erb (on left) reading to the boys at El Hogar.

Photo #6                      Sitting with Johanna Nauraine, one of the children born to Joe and Tillie while they served in Puerto Rico, 1954-55.  Persons (left-right): Joe, Donna (Mrs.) Juana Rodriquez Mundo, Johanna sitting on lap __________ )?, and Tillie.

 Photo #7                      One of the cottages built in the country with “Christian children’s fund”

Photo #8                      Group of boys standing by one of the cottages.  Daughter Johanna is sitting in front row, to the far right.

Photo #9                      Group of boys sitting on the porch with Joe and Tillie Nauraine

 Photo #10                    Mabel Erb reading to boys.  She later married Carlos Lugo, and she remained in Puerto Rico with him.

Photo #11                    Anna (on left),with two boys, came in to do the ironing at El Hogar

Photo #12                    The cook in the kitchen at El Hogar, October 1954

 Photo #13                    Boys at bedtime, with Joe and Tillie

Photo #14                    Ramon in front of boys at Christmas time (possibly reciting something, or singing) when the board president came to visit (back left).  Joe Nauraine is back right.

Photo #15                    Boys with packages of clothing.  Carlos Lugo is standing back room, far right.  He later married Mabel Erb.

Photo #16                    Boys polishing shoes, their job on Saturdays

Photo #17                    Dr. Vargos, with one of the children.

Photo #18                    Boys roller skating in front of the house.  Sign on house “Hogar Del Nino” can be seen.

 Photo #19                    Group of boys with Joe and Tillie stading in front entrance of home, May 1953.  Nice photograph showing large two story house, with sign hanging in front “Hogar del Nino”.  Just now the house is getting a coat of paint donated by various stores and applied by men from the jail of San Juan.

In addition, the file includes 12 snapshots, and eleven 8”x10” photos, showing various scenes of life in the home, including basketball, Christmas, etc.


February 26, 2003 / Listed by Dennis Stoesz
File: “HM4-242 Nauraine Tillie (Yoder) Photos.doc”

Mennonite Church USA Archives, 1700 S. Main Street, Goshen, Indiana  46526

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