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Hist. Mss. 4-110
Camp Ebenezer, 1947-53, Holmes County, Ohio
Photographs, 1947-50
1 File (Small Collection)

Scope and Content

    Camp Ebenezer was started by Tillie Yoder as a place for African-American children from Chicago to go to camp.  The camps was operated in her parent’s farm in Holmes County, Ohio.  It began in 1947, with 122 children coming for eight weeks.  Tillie was involved for four summers, 1947-50. 

For additional information on the camp, see the personal papers of Tillie (Yoder) Nauraine (Hist. Mss. 1-318), which includes correspondence, articles, poems and an autobiography.

Administrative Information

    These photographs were deposited by Tillie (Yoder) Nauraine, Elkhart, Indiana, in 1964.

Inventory Listing

File 1 (Small Collection)

Photographs identified by Tillie Nauraine in February 2003.  Many are 8”x10” in size, and taken by Snyder Studio, Millersburg, Ohio.  Some were published in the Gospel Herald.

Photo #1    Boys hoeing and planting at the farm, 1947

Photo #2    Camp site scene, of the farm

Photo #3    Tillie Yoder (on left) and Peggie Webb, roomates at Hesston College, ca. 1945-47

Photo #4    Tillie Yoder (on left) and Peggie Webb, no date (they were roomates at Hesston College, ca. 1945-47)

Photo #5    Sunday School picnic, persons (l-r): Tillie Yoder, Rowena Lark (Mrs. James), and Mrs. Caulley.  Sister Lark from Chicago was the person who helped get this Camp Ebenezer started for African-American children.  Tillie also had taught bible school at the Bethel Mennonite church in Chicago.

Photo #6    Elizabeth Yoder (sister to Tillie), Ada Webb (sister to Peggie), and Tillie Yoder

Photo #7    Meal time with the first gang of 16 African-American children (in this case they were all boys) at Camp Ebenezer, Millersburg, Ohio, July 1947.  The accomodations now made it possible to care for thirty-three children, in addition to a Mennonite Voluntary Summer Service Unit staff.  Staff persons included Goldie Hummel (second from left going around the table.  She later married Alvin Hostetler.

Photo #8    Rowena Lark (Mrs. James), with church and three automobiles in backgroun

Photo #9    Peggie Webb (center) and Tillie Yoder (left) coming out of one of the buildings at Camp Ebenezer

Photo #10    Hanging up pants on the wash line, Eunice Hartman (on left)

Photo #11    Camp staff gathered round.  Persons include Eunice Hartman (third from left), and Margaret Troyer (center right holding open some summer bible school materials).  Troyer later married Vernon Miller.

Photo #12    Nature class gathered around the table, with Martha Kanagy as teacher

Photo #13    Children and Staff, no date.  Staff in back (left-right), Tillie Yoder, Martha Kanagy, Ada Webb (Virginia), Mary Ellen Helmuth, Elsie Burkhardt, LeRoy Bechler, ____________ ? (an African-American mother from Chicago), ______________?, and Dorothy Schrock

Photo #14    Washing and ironing, Mary Ellen Helmuth (on left) and Ada Webb.

Photo #15    Around the camp fire.  Martha Kanagy is the one bending over the fire

Photo #16    Tillie Yoder with her Dad and Mom, Jacob and Lovina (Helmuth) Yoder, ca. later 1940s.

Photo #17    Washing dishes, including Doris Gunden (center front)

Photo #18    At at a chapel service, with LeRoy Bechler at the podium.

In addition, the file includes 24 snapshots, and sixteen 8”x10” photos, and three color 5”x7” photographs, showing various scenes of camp life, including swimming, farming, prayer time, etc.

December 15, 2005 / Posted
February 26, 2003 / Listed by Dennis Stoesz
File: “HM4-110 Camp Ebenezer 1947-53.doc”
Mennonite Church USA Archives-Goshen, 1700 S. Main St., Goshen, Indiana 46526

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