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Hist. Mss. 4-43
George L. (1867-1921) and Elsie (Kolb) Bender (1875-1949) Photograph Collection
Photographs, ca. 1860-1972
Contained in 5 Boxes (4 Gray, 1 Oversize), 2 linear feet

Scope and Content

This photographic collection ranges from the 1860’s to the 1970’s. 
However, most of the pictures date from the turn of the 20th century.  There are a few tintypes, but most are on card stock. The majority of photographs are family pictures of the Bender, Kolb and Stauffer families.  There are also some pictures of friends and places.

Biographical Sketch

    George Lewis Bender was of Amish ancestry born in Grantsville, Maryland to John and Elizabeth (Otto) Bender.  He was a leader in the mission movement of the Mennonite Church serving as treasurer and financial agent of the Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities.  He was also cofounder and treasurer of other church agencies and played an important role in the Prairie Street Mennonite Church, Elkhart, Indiana.  He was married to Elsie Kolb in 1896. 

    Elsie Kolb was the daughter of Joseph and Nancy (Stauffer) Kolb of Breslau, Ontario, Canada.  After moving to Elkhart in 1887, they lived for many years at 1711 Prairie Street, Elkhart, which was the first office of the Mennonite Board of Missions.  They were the parents of seven living children: Harold Stauffer (b. 1897), Florence Elizabeth (b. 1899), Violet Esther (b. 1901), Wilbur Joseph (b. 1903), Cecil Kolb (b.1906), John Ellsworth (b. 1909), and Robert Leighton (b. 1912).  Their last child was George Howard (b. 1915).  He only lived three days.

Administrative Information   

    These photographs were deposited into the Archives by Florence E. Bender, Goshen, Indiana, in 1969 and 1970.  In 2004, Mary Eleanor deposited more photographs, some of which were duplicates of ones already in the collection.

    These were originally within the Hist. Mss. 1-392 collection of personal papers, but organized and transferred into a separate photo collection by Sharon Klingelsmith in 1979.  The inventory listing was done by Ruth Schrock in 1998.  The inventory was updated with the additional photographs in 2004.

    See also the G. L. and Elsie (Kolb) Bender Collection containing their personal papers (Hist. Mss. 1-392).

Series and Box Listing

1.  George L. and Elsie (Kolb) Bender Family                   Box    1
2.  Extended Bender, Kolb, and Stauffer Families            Boxes 2-3
3.  General Photographs                                                      Boxes 3-5

Inventory Listing

1.  George L. and Elsie (Kolb) Bender Family

Box 1 (Gray)

1/1    Bender, George L. and Elsie (Kolb),                       1896
1/2    Bender, George L.                                                     ca. 1890-1921
    Includes funeral service,                    
1/3    Bender, Elsie (Kolb)                                                  ca. 1880-1893
1/4    Bender, George L., Family                                       ca. 1909-1940’s
1/5    Bender, Harold S.,                                                     ca. 1897-1950’s
1/6    Bender, Harold S., 6th grade class                          ca. 1911
1/7    Bender, Florence E.                                                  ca. 1900-1940’s
1/8    Bender Turner, Violet                                                ca. 1919-1940’s
1/9    Bender, Wilbur J.                                                       ca. 1903-1940’s
1/10    Bender, Cecil                                                           ca. 1907-1950’s
1/11    Bender, John E.                                                       ca. 1910-1930’s
1/12    Bender, Robert L.                                                    ca. 1913-1948
1/13    Bender Homes                                                         ca. 1900-1940’s

2.  Extended Bender, Kolb and Stauffer Families

Box 2 (Gray)

2/1     Bender Family                                                           ca. 1905
2/2     Bender, C. Edward                                                   ca. 1914
2/3     Bender, Charles, Family                                           ca. 1890-1910
2/4    Bender, Clyde                                                             ca. 1910
        One photo in oversize folder (5/3)
2/5    Bender, Edward Ross                                               1914-1916
2/6    Bender, Emma and Beulah                                       ca. 1900
2/7    Bender, Fred W., Family                                            ca. 1890-1913
2/8    Bender, George H.                                                     January 1915
2/9    Bender, George Washington                                     ca. 1900
2/10    Bender, John, Family                                                ca. 1890-1920’s
2/11    Bender, Luke                                                             ca. 1900
2/12    Bender, Royal B.                                                       ca. 1910
2/13    Bender, Ruth                                                              ca. 1910
2/14    Kolb Family                                                                ca. 1900
        One photo in oversize folder (5/4)
2/15    Kolb, Joseph and Nancy (Stauffer)                          ca. 1870’s-1910’s
2/16    Kolb, Lucinda and Elsie (Kolb) Bender                   ca. 1930’s
2/17    Kolb, Irvin, Lucinda, Bender, Elsie (Kolb)                ca. 1895
2/18    Kolb, Irvin                                                                     ca. 1890’s-1910’s
2/19    Kolb, Irvin S. and Lucinda                                          ca. 1910
2/20    Kolb, Lucinda, Elsie (Kolb) Bender, Oliver Kolb,    ca. 1940’s
Irvin Kolb   
2/21    Kolb, Lucinda                                                              ca. 1910’s
2/22    Kolb, Joseph Home                                                   ca. 1900
2/23    Kolb, Aaron C., Family                                              ca. 1900-1925
2/24    Kolb Hanthorn, Eva and Billie                                   ca. 1930’s-1940’s
2/25    Kolb Stahley, Grace                                                   ca. 1940’s
2/26    Kolb, Henry                                                                 ca. 1880’s
2/27    Kolb, Mrs. Jacob and Mrs. Bishop Weber              ca. 1910
2/28    Kolb, Jacob and Grace                                             ca. 1900’s-1930’s
2/29    Kolb, John Henry                                                        ca. 1900’s
2/30    Kolb, Linda and Mary (Montgomery) Kolb               ca. 1910’s
2/31    Kolb, Mary (Montgomery), Eva Kolb, Grace Kolb   ca. 1930’s
2/32    Kolb, Oliver                                                                  ca. 1890’s
2/33    Kolb, Oliver and Mary                                                 ca. 1890’s-1920’s
2/34    Kolb, Titus                                                                    ca. 1900’s

Box 3 (Gray)

3/1    Kolb, Nancy (Stauffer), Esther (Stauffer) Bray            ca. 1900’s
3/2    Kolb, Nancy (Stauffer), Elizabeth “Betzy” (Stauffer)   ca. 1920’s
         Gofton, Esther (Stauffer) Bray
3/3    Kolb, Nancy (Stauffer), House                                     ca. 1920’s
3/4    Stauffer Family Reunion                                               ca. 1910’s-1920’s
        One photo in oversize folder (5/5)
3/5    Stauffer, Dan, Family                                                    ca. 1880’s-1900’s
3/6    Stauffer, Dave                                                               ca. 1870’s
3/7    Stauffer, Enos, Family                                                  ca. 1880’s-1900’s
3/8    Stauffer Thibideau, Etta, and Family                          ca. 1910
3/9    Stauffer, Henry and Clara                                            ca. 1900’s
3/10    Stauffer, Jacob, Family                                              ca. 1900’s
3/11    Stauffer, Lizzie                                                            ca. 1900’s
3/12    Stauffer, Lucinda                                                        ca. 1890’s
3/13    Stauffer, Noah                                                            ca. 1880’s
3/14    Stauffer, Norman, Family                                          ca. 1910’s-1920’s
3/15    Stauffer, Peter and Jared                                         ca. 1870’s-1880’s
3/16    Stauffer, Peter, Family                                              ca. 1890’s-1900’s
3/17    Stauffer, Rosanna                                                     ca. 1883

3.  General Photographs

3/18    Bauman, Mrs. Hattie                                                 ca. 1880’s
3/19    Betzner, Eliza and Minnie                                         ca. 1900’s
3/20    Breslau Mennonite Church, Ontario                        ca. 1910’s
3/21    Bricker, Mrs. Dave                                                    ca. 1860’s-1870’s
3/22    Brubaker, Emma                                                       ca. 1920’s
3/23    Brubaker, J.M. and Anna (Roth)                              Sept. 30, 1928
3/24    Brunk, Mrs. J.B.                                                         ca. 1890’s
3/25    Brunk, Nieman Artler                                                 ca. 1920’s
3/26    Burkhard, Mary, and Children                                  ca. 1900’s
3/27    Chilton Family                                                            ca. 1890’s-1900’s
3/28    Cressman Mennonite Church, Breslau, Ontario    ca. 1900’s
3/29    Daniels Family                                                          ca. 1880’s-1900’s
3/30    Dunn Family                                                              Sept. 3, 1913
3/31    Elkhart Sunday School Picnic                                 ca. 1908-1910
3/32    Elkhart Young Men                                                    empty
3/33    Emerman Sisters                                                      ca. 1890’s
3/34    Feick, Henry and Lydia (Shantz)                             ca. 1896
3/35    Friesen, Florence (Cooprider)                                ca. 1910’s
3/36    Gangwer (?)                                                              ca. 1910’s
3/37    Gofton, Elizabeth (Stauffer)                                     ca. 1870’s-1910’s
3/38    Gofton, Jacob, Family                                              ca. 1885-1910
3/39    Gofton, Mr. and Mrs. Will                                         ca. 1890’s
3/40    Good, Dr. Dewitt                                                      ca. 1890’s
3/41    Goshen College                                                       ca. 1930’s
3/42    Grantsville, Maryland                                               Jan. 31, 1914
3/43    Grosh Family                                                            ca. 1920’s
3/44    Hallman, Mrs. E.S., Mrs. Norman Stauffer            ca. 1890’s
3/45    Hartzler, John E.                                                       ca. 1930’s-1940’s
3/46    Hershberger, Lydia                                                  ca. 1920’s-1930’s
3/47    Hostetler, Miriam A.                                                 ca. 1900’s
3/48    Kauffman, Mrs. Will                                                  ca. 1890’s
3/49    Kurtz House, 8th Street, Goshen, Indiana             ca. 1910’s
3/50    Lapp, Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon                                     ca. 1920’s-1930’s
3/51    Lehman, J.S.                                                            ca. 1910’s
3/52    Lehman Family                                                        ca. 1910’s
3/53    Lohis, Barbara, Family                                           ca. 1900’s-1910’s
3/54    Mennonite Orphan’s Home, West Liberty, Ohio  1913-1914
3/55    Metzler, Mabel                                                         ca. 1920’s

Box 4 (Gray)

4/1    Miscellaneous                                                            ca. 1890’s-1960’s
4/2    Mount Nebo Schoolhouse, Grantsville, Maryland  1907
4/3    Musselman, Chris, Family                                        ca. 1920’s
4/4    Otto, Christ, Family                                                   ca. 1900’s
4/5    Plattsville, Ontario                                                     ca. 1900’s
4/6    Relatives, Miscellaneous                                         ca. 1900’s-1920’s
4/7    Richter Family                                                           ca. 1880’s
4/8    Shantz, Charles, House in Elkhart, Indiana (?)      ca. 1920’s
4/9    Shoemaker, J.S., Family                                         ca. 1900’s-1910’s
4/10    Slabaugh, Amanda                                                ca. 1900’s
4/11    Springs, Pennsylvania                                           ca. 1910
4/12    Stauffer Bray, Esther, Family                                ca. 1880’s
4/13    Steiner, M.S.                                                           ca. 1891-1892
4/14    Utterbein, Mr. and Mrs. Levi                                  ca. 1890’s
4/15    Wambold, Isaac and Emma (Hershey)               1886
4/16    Wilson, Dr. and Dr. Shirk                                      1890’s-1900’s
4/17    Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. J.M                                         ca. 1940’s
4/18    Yoder, Myra and Mary                                           1900’s
4/19    Gingerich, Melvin and Verna                                1972

Box 5 (Oversize)

5/1    Unidentified Photographs                                        ca. 1910’s
5/2    Photograph of Kolb Homestead, Kitchener,          ca. 1880’s
5/3    Bender, Clyde    (See also 2/4)                               ca. 1930’s
5/4    Kolb Family (See also smaller photos of                ca. 1900’s
family, 2/14)   
5/5    Stauffer Family Reunion (See also 3/4)                  ca. 1890’s, 1928
Name and Subject Tracing

Bender Family                                                     Box 2
Bender Turner, Violet                                          Box 1/4,1/8
Bender, Cecil                                                       Box 1/4,1/10
Bender, Elizabeth (Horsch)                                Box 1/4,1/5
Bender, Elsie (Kolb)                                            Box 1/1,1/3,1/4; 2/16,2/17,2/20; 3/4
Bender, Florence                                                 Box 1/4,1/7
Bender, George L.                                               Box 1/1,1/2,1/4; 3/4
Bender, Harold S.                                                Box 1/4,1/5,1/6
Bender, John                                                        Box 1/4,1/11
Bender, Robert                                                    Box 1/4,1/12
Bender, Wilbur                                                     Box 1/4,1/9
Churches (Ontario)                                              Box 3/20,3/28
Dwellings                                                              Box 1/13; 2/22; 3/3,3/49; 4/8
Friesen, Florence (Cooprider)                           Box 3/35
Funeral Service                                                    Box 1/2
Good, Dr. Dewitt                                                  Box 1/2; 3/40
Goshen College                                                   Box 3/41
Hartzler, John E.                                                  Box 3/45
Horsch, John                                                        Box 1/2
Kolb Family                                                          Box 2
Kolb, A.B.                                                             Box 1/2
Kolb, A.C.                                                             Box 1/2
Kolb, Irvin                                                              Box 2/17,2/18,2/19
Kolb, Joseph                                                        Box 2/14,2/15
Kolb, Lucinda                                                       Box 2/16,2/17,2/19,2/20,2/21
Kolb, Nancy (Stauffer)                                         Box 2/14,2/15; 3/1,3/2
Lapp, Mahlon                                                       Box 3/50
Mennonite Board of Missions                            Box 1/13
Mennonite Orphan’s Home, West Liberty,       Box 3/54
Shoemaker, J.S.                                                 Box 4/9
Stauffer Family                                                    Box 3
Steiner, M.S.                                                        Box 4/13

July 28, 2004/ Posted on Web by Serena Bracewell
Inventory updated by Serena Bracewell, July 28, 2004
File:  HM4-043.doc
Mennonite Church USA Archives – Goshen, 1700 S. Main St., Goshen, IN  46526

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