Historical Committee

Mennonite Resolutions & Confessions

Official resolutions, position statements and confessions adopted by Mennonite Church USA are gathered here. Included are the documents of the denomination's predecessors--Mennonite Church (MC), and General Conference Mennonite Church (GCMC), which Mennonite Church USA has accepted as its official statements. Anabaptist confessions are also listed. In some cases supplementary resources are added. More will come. This is a work in progress.


These statements have been scanned from the Proceedings or Minutes of the Delegate/General Assemblies where delegates of the respective denominations approved them. Other souces are noted. My thanks to the following Goshen College students, who assisted in the scanning and formatting of documents: --Tim Nafziger, Aaron Lehman, Abby Trollinger, Katie Yoder, Emily Hershberger, and Theresa Wallman.. Also, thanks to Dennis Stoesz, Goshen archivist, who cheerfully retrieves relevant documents upon demand!

--J Sharp