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by J. C. Wenger
The Articles:
VIII. Church
IX. Church Offices
X. Holy Supper
XI. Washing Feet
XII. Matrimony
XIII. Authorities
XIV. Revenge
XV. Oaths
XVI. The Ban
XVII. Shunning
XVIII. Judgement

of the Confession



Home Historical Committee

The Dordrecht Confession of Faith, 1632


Now these are, as before mentioned, the chief articles of our general Christian Faith, which we everywhere teach in our congregations and families, and according to which we profess to live; and which, according to our convictions, contain the only true Christian Faith, which the apostles in their time believed and taught; yea, which they testified to by their lives and confirmed by their deaths; in which we will also, according to our weakness, gladly abide, live, and die, that at last, together with the apostles and all the pious we may obtain the salvation of our souls through the grace of God.

Thus were the foregoing articles of faith adopted and concluded by our united churches in the city of Dordrecht, in Holland, on the 21st day of April, in the year of our Lord 1632, and signed by the following ministers and teachers:

Isaac de Koning, and in behalf of our minister, Jan Jacobs
  Hans Cobryssz
  Iacuis Terwen
  Claes Dircksz
  Mels Gysbertsz
  Adriaen Cornelissz
  Bastiaen Willemsen
  Ian Winckelmans
   Ian Doom
  Pieter Gryspeert
  Dirck Woutersz Kolenkamp
  Pieter Ioosten
  Willem Iansz van Exselt
  Gisbert Spiering
  Balten Centen Schoenmaker
  M. Michielsz
  Israel van Halmael
  Hendrick Dircksz Apeldoren
  Andries Lucken, de jonge [Jr.]
  Peeter van Borsel
  Antony Hansz
  Harman op den Graff
  Weylm Kreynen
  Cornelis de Moir
  Isaac Claessz
  Oillaert Willeborts
  Jacob Pennen
  Lieven Marynesz AMSTERDAM
  Tobias Govertsz
  Pieter Jantz Moyer
  Abraham Dircksz
   David ter Haer
   Pieter Iantz van Singel
  Cornelis Born
  Lambrecht Paeldinck
  Mr. C. de Kroninck
  Ian Weyns
  Claes Claessen
  Pieter Peters
  Anthonis Cornelissz
  Pieter Iansz Timmerman UTRECHT
  Herman Segers
  Ian Hendricksen Hooghvelt
  Daniel Horens
  Abraham Spronck
  Willem van Broeckhuysen
  Jacob van der Heyde Sebrechts
  Ian Iansz V. K.
  Cornelis Iansz
  Dirck Rendersen

Besides this confession being adopted by so many churches, and signed by their ministers, all the churches in Alsace, in the Palatinate, and in Germany afterwards adopted it unanimously. Wherefore it was translated from the Holland into the languages of these countries--into French and German--for the use of the churches there, and for others, of which this may serve as a notice.

The following attestation was signed by the brethren in Alsace, who examined this confession and adopted it as their own:
We, the undersigned, ministers of the word of God, and elders of the church in Alsace, hereby declare and make known, that being assembled this 4th of February in the year of our Lord 1660, at Ohnenheim in the principality of Rappoltstein, on account of the Confession of Faith, which was adopted at the Peace Convention of the Tauffs- gesinten which are called the Flemish, in the city of Dort, on the 21st day of April in the year 1632, and which was printed at Rotterdam by Franciscus von Hochstraten, Anno 1658; and having examined the same, and found it in agreement with our judgment, we have entirely adopted it as our own. Which we, in testimony of the truth, and a firm faith, have signed with our own hands, as follows:

  Ministers of the Word
Hans Muller of Magenheym
Hans Ringer of Heydelsheym
Jacob Schnewli of Baldenheym
Henrich Schneider of Isenheim
Rudolph Egli of Kunenheim
Adolph Schmidt of Markirch
Jacob Schmidt of Markirch
Bertram Habigh of Markirch
Ulrich Husser of Ohnenheym
Jacob Gachnauwer of Ohnenheim
Hans Rudi Bumen of Jepsenheim
Jacob Schneider of Dursantzenheym
Henrich Frick of Kunenheym

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