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The Anabaptist Vision

The Anabaptist Vision by Harold S. Bender was given as a presidential address to the American Soceity of Church History in 1943. Published the following year, it soon became a classic essay. The Anabaptist Vison "forged Mennonites into a community of memory rooted in the 16th century, a community with strong religious impulses embodied in nonviolent service, devout discipleship, and a primary identity with the people of God, the church" (From the biograpahy by Albert N. Keim).


The Anabaptist Vision by Harold S. Bender

"The History of the Anabaptist Vision" by Albert N. Keim, Mennonite Historical Bulletin, Oct. 1993

"Bender, Harold S." by Leonard Gross, Mennonite Encyclopdia

"Anabaptist Theology" by Robert Friedmann, Mennonite Historical Bulletin, April 1990

The Harold S. Bender Collection, Mennonite Church USA Archives--Goshen

Refocusing a Vision: Shaping Anabaptist Character in the 21st Century, edited by John D. Roth

"An Anabaptist Vision for the New Millennium: A Search for Identity." Essays from the symposium at Bethel College, June 15-18 2000, published in Mennonite Life, September 2000.



Order The Anabaptist Vision
by Harold S. Bender, 1944
from Herald Press


Order the biography,
Harold S. Bender 1897-1962
by Albert N. Keim, 1998,
from Herald Press

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