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Prayer Book for Earnest Christians, A spritually rich Anabaptist Resource

A translation of Die ernsthafte Christenpflicht
Translated and edited by Leonard Gross
Herald Press, 1997

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The Fourth Prayer:

Petition for all Kinds of Experiences of the Faithful
Throughout the Whole of Christendom

We pray for all our members, beloved brethren and sisters, no matter where they may be, in all the corners and places throughout the whole world, whether they are gathered or scattered, suffering cross and tribulation, fettered and in prisons for your holy name's sake, or otherwise experiencing severe tribulation and affliction, or life-threatening illness.
Oh, strengthen and console them everywhere, graciously, with your holy and wonderful grace. Sustain them as well, graciously, through your holy and good Spirit, and your holy Word and [37] Gospel, Do not allow them to depart from your truth, love and righteousness, bending neither to the right nor to the left, until we have reached the end of our woeful existence.
Oh, give to all of those who belong to you this grace, that we shall not experience anything beyond our abilities to withstand temptation, but build for us joyous paths at all times that bypass all our tribulations and times of persecution, according to your holy will. And help us through your mercy, so that whatever you send our way, we may suffer. (p. 38)