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Prayer Book for Earnest Christians, A spritually rich Anabaptist Resource

A translation of Die ernsthafte Christenpflicht
Translated and edited by Leonard Gross
Herald Press, 1997

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The Seventh Prayer:
Petition against Schism

Holy Father, show your grace and mercy to us all, throughout the whole wide world, and accept us, together, graciously with your blessing, care and protection, and do not permit division and disunity to come among us.
Oh, may the false mob spirit which tears a group apart not be found among any of us, if this is not praying against your holy will. Rather, safeguard us graciously, O holy, dear Father, from every sort of false doctrine and false living, from [42] every sort of mistrust and guile, from false faith and every sort of unkindness, and from every false idea and evil opinion. Indeed, safeguard us graciously from all that might damage or hinder our salvation and redemption, or that might divide us, or lead us away from your love and righteousness, or bring us to neglect your holy Word.
(pp. 41-42)