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Gathering at the Hearth: Stories Mennonites Tell
A collection of twenty-eight stories from Mennonite History

by John E. Sharp
Herald Press, 2001

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Table of Contents

Amish or Shawnee? The Hostetler Indian Attack, John E. Sharp

A Cheyenne Legacy at the Washita River, by Lawrence Hart
Keeping House as We Understand It, by John L. Ruth
Escaping the Confederacy, by John E. Sharp
David Goerz: Russian Mennonite Pioneeer, by D.C. Wedel
Father Stuckey and the Central Conference, by John E. Sharp
David and the Promised Land, Shellenberg and Dyck
The Cherokee Run, by Diedrich L. Dalke
Annie, the Titanic and a School in India, by Christena Duerksen
Showdown in Burrton, Kansas, by James C. Juhnke
Revolution in Russia, by Gerhard Lohrenz
The Bishops and the Nightingale, by Alice W. Lapp
A Soft Voice Saves the Day . . . and the Church, by Edward Yoder
A Mennonite Imposter, by Peter J. Dyck
Escape from Communism, by Johann D. Rempel
French Fries and World Missions by Peter Dyck and John M. Bender
Doing Good in Time of War, by Grant M. Stoltzfus
Presenting the Anabaptist Vision, by Albert N. Keim
Revive Us Again: Brunk Brothers Tent Revivals, by Ford Berg
Out of the Storm Clouds, by Harley J. Stucky
Come Sunday, Will We Be a True Communion?, by James Samuel Logan
A Wanderer Comes Home, by Beryl Forrester
The Threshold is High, by Anne Stuckey
A Fireproof Man Loyal to Christ, by Phyllis Pellman Good
Through the Eye of a Needle, by Merle Good
Samuel's Story, by Richard Showalter
Drinking Anabaptist Tea and Other Tales of Integration, by Peter J. Dyck

In the Footsteps of Clayton Kratz, by Sidney King