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Gathering at the Hearth: Stories Mennonites Tell
A collection of twenty-eight stories from Mennonite History

by John E. Sharp
Herald Press, 2001

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What narratives have molded and nurtured us as Mennonites? What new stories have the power to reshape and transform us? The twenty-eight selected stories in this volume reveal something about who we are and who we want to be. They illustrate core values that characterize us.

Here you can read about peacemaking Native Americans, pioneer life, revolution in Russia, migration, optimistic David Toews, Annie Funk and the Titanic, a near hanging in Kansas, Orie Miller, dismantling racism, Emma Richards and Marilyn Miller, Peter Dyck, Mesach Krisetya, a new search for Clayton Kratz, and more.

As we come from varied backgrounds and experiences, we need to pool our stories. We draw together in heart and mind as we share events marking our life and faith, stories of ordinary people whom God has used in extraordinary ways.God has redeemed us from failures and endowed us with a rich heritage of faithfulness. We can be agents of transformation as God translates our rich legacy into a vibrant and relevant witness.

"These stories are true, interesting, and sometimes spellbinding. After our morning devotions, I wanted to read just one story to Elfrieda. We got hooked and couldn't stop."
-Peter J. Dyck, Storyteller

"In its own way, each story is a fragment of the master narrative of Christ's love. For unity, let us embrace each other's stories and recognize ourselves in the strengths and weaknesses of others." -James C. Juhnke, in the Foreword

"Here are stories that quicken our sense of gratitude for the convergence of two streams in our Mennonite inheritance. They prompt us to tell and listen to other intriguing stories waiting to be shared." -Robert Kreider, Historian