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Historical Committee

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Heritage Sunday is a day set aside to mark the people and events that mark the church's historical importance. It is fitting that we as a denomination take time to reflect on the value of our history in a way that invited people to join with us as we think about God's leading throughout history. The materials we offer can be used in a worship service to help focus a congregation's attention on the faith of others who came before. These materials also reach out to people who do not share this history but are interested in thinking more deeply about issues of faith and obedience to God's call.

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Mission Statement:
"God calls us to preserve our heritage, to interpret our faith stories, and to proclaim God's work among us."




The Historical Committee serves Mennonite Church USA, the merger of the General Conference Mennonite Church and the Mennonite Church. The Historical Committee nurtures historical consciousness, and operates two denominational archives in Goshen, Indiana, and North Newton, Kansas.

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