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Historical Committee

Gutenberg to Gigabytes: Archives for the 21st Century
A Goshen Archives scanning initiative of the
Mennonite Church USA Historical Committee

Browse Scanned Archives

Under the leadership of director John Sharp, the Gutenberg to Gigabyte Project began in the spring of 2003 at the Mennonite Church USA Archives-Goshen, Indiana, with the goal of systematically making archival materials web accessible. In 2008, under the leadership of director Rich Preheim, the first images began to be posted on the web.


The images that have been posted on the web can be examined by clicking on "Browse Scanned Archives" above. The alphabetical listing allows you to browse in the digital collection to view inventories and actual papers and photographs. Digital research reproduction requests are also posted and integrated into this collection.

Since this work began, many documents and photographs have been identified and digitized for the purpose of increasing access to the archives. As one of two official repositories for Mennonite Church USA materials, the Goshen Archives digital collection highlights documents and photographs from larger organizational collections as well as from some personal collections. Digitizing these materials not only improves access to those collections (and to others not yet scanned), but also is a step toward preserving them. In this way the digital collection serves the archives by preserving the material, proclaiming the material by posting online, and by inviting researchers to interpret the faith stories they find.

This project relies on the important work of volunteers (Mabel Brunk, Esther Cender, Carl and Doris Metzler, and Carol Oyer) who scan the archival material. Archivists act as consultants for the project. Natasha Sawatsky-Kingsley serves as project coordinator. 

Please note that scanned images are also available from the Archives-North Newton, Kansas, at the following web site:


Finally, please note that some archival peace documents from the Archives-Goshen were scanned by the Plowshares Project "Digital Archives for Peace Studies" (Goshen College), 2003-08.  One can access those materials on that project's web site:


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