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Historical Committee

Archives - Goshen, Indiana

Here is a guide to the collections housed at Mennonite Church USA Archives--Goshen. Names in bold have inventories accessible on the web.  Some scanned documents and photographs are also available by selecting "Browse Scanned Archives."

Browse Scanned Archives

  Manuscript Collections:  Organizational Collections:

Personal Papers African-American Mennonite Association (I-6-7),

Genealogical Materials Goshen College (V-4)

Inter-Mennonite Organizations (X)

Clippings Mennonite/Anabaptist Church Groups (Other) (VIII)

Photographs Mennonite Board of Congregational Ministries,
     1971-2002 (MBCM) (XIII)

Mennonite Board of Education, 1905-2002 (MBE)

Small Archives Collections
Mennonite Board of Missions, 1882-2002 (MBM)
Audio Tapes

Mennonite Church, 1898-2002 (MC)

Cemetery Plats (Maps) Mennonite Church USA, 2002-

Microfilms Mennonite Conferences

Mennonite Congregations

Phonograph Records Mennonite Mutual Aid, 1945- (MMA)

Films Mennonite Organizations (VII)

Mennonite Publication Board, 1908-2002 (MPH)

Video-Tapes Organizations (XI) - with Mennonite Involvement

Artifacts Women's Missionary & Service Commission 
     WMSC), 1915-1997

1700 S Main St, Goshen IN 46526
Telephone: (574) 523-3080
Toll-free:    (866) 866-2872 ext. 23080
E-mail: History@MennoniteUSA.org

Archives Hours and Services

The denomination has two official archives: Mennonite Church USA Archives--Goshen, and Mennonite Church USA--North Newton. They contain the official records of Mennonite Church USA and its agencies. Mennonite Church USA was born, February 1, 2002 as the result of a merger of two bodies--The General Conference Mennonite Church (1860-2002) and the Mennonite Church (1898-2002).

The Goshen archives was founded in 1937, and has retained materials from the Mennonite Church, 1898-2002 . The Archives is located on Goshen College campus, and cooperates with the Mennonite Historical Library, Goshen College, in serving the church and research community. That library houses genealogy history books, rare books, Mennonite periodicals and books. The archives houses the official records of the church, and many personal papers of Mennonites, Hutterites, Amish and some other Anabaptist groups.

The North Newton archives has retained materials from the General Conference Mennonite Church, 1860-2002 . It is housed at Bethel College, along with their Mennonite Library. The two repositories also hold personal papers of individuals, as well as records from some inter-Mennonite organizations, such as Mennonite Central Committee.

For the collections of Mennonite Church USA--North Newton, go to North Newton Archives web site.

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Minding Mennonite Memory

Mission Statement:
"God calls us to preserve our heritage, to interpret our faith stories, and to proclaim God's work among us."

Archives Hours and Services

North Newton Archives

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